The Synarchy Series Novels

“The Godfather meets Stargate…”

Stefano Vasco Terenzio saw one way to maneuver his family into a game of betrayal against an unbeatable enemy. A generation later, what started with one man’s ego will determine the fate of the whole word.

For centuries The Brotherhood and their Gods, the Anunnaki have hidden in plain sight among us. For centuries they have lied, sacrificed man by the thousands, and manipulated humanity into their service. As the world inches closer to the Winter Solstice sides are chosen, secrets emerge that will challenge the core of everything you think you believe, a team of scientists must make sense out of the fantastical, and the tenuous link holding together the one family that can save humankind, shatters.

“The concept of Synarchy: Book 1 The Awakening is entirely unique… In a world where every idea has been done and redone, it’s refreshing to read something that hasn’t been done quite like this before.” – Morbid Romantic