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Play a Bigger Game

“I don’t know what it is about priestesses. You can always tell. Or at least I can…I knew a woman in authority when I saw one. Most women, now and then, concern themselves to some degree with pleasing men or people in general [or with trying to “be” someone or “do” something that will bring them fame, money, professional gain, social attention or spiritual recognition]. Priestesses don’t. They have bigger game. Their eyes show it.” -Elizabeth Cunningham’s vivacious novel, “The Passion of Mary Magdalen,” spoken by Magdalen. Ladies, we need to play a BIGGER GAME"
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Happy Almost New Year!

So many exciting things in the pipe! But right now, my awesome mom is in town and we’re geeking over Dragon Age Inquisition together.  (True story).  But I didn’t forget about you and I found awesome pictures so I’m sharing.  You’re welcome.  
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