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DCS considers herself a revolutionary, a spiritual activist, and a story-teller. Few things make her as happy as putting pen to paper, and creating new worlds to share with others. The science-fiction thriller author of critically acclaimed, The Synarchy Series. Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension, are the first in what will be an eight book series. Always full of creative ideas, DCS has created a text based, free form role-play game based off The Syanrchy Series. DCS is also a comic book writer. While doing an interview for InvestComics TV, DCS meet and befriended DarkBrain creator Andrew Zar. She completed the first arc for The Church of One Series. She has also written The Butcher Series, and contributed to the Pissy Pussy Sunday comic. Aside from being a story-teller, DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her and her co-host Julie "Plucky" Myers on The Plucky and WooWoo show 1PM EST every Sunday on the Public Service Network

No but seriously, I still need alien words!

Written by DCS on . Posted in BookBlog

Okay. To make it a little easier on you all dear readers I’ll give you a few examples I have. But still I need more. This words will be used to replace some common place english words. Because you know, people from different planets should have different words for things. Because.

The planet name will probably be Tanarull. Or it will be the name of a weapon. I haven’t decided.

A few character names

  • Saraya
  • Jo-Quam
  • Savil

A few other words that will be used as curse words and others

  • Cusamine
  • Luri Fas
  • Kalturo
  • Horan

Now you’re turn. Gimmie more. You get shout-out in Book 3. Ready. Go.

No but seriously, I need alien curse words.

Written by DCS on . Posted in BookBlog

It’s just like the title says. Short, sweet to the point.

I’m writing Book 3 – no for reals I am this time. And I need a different terminology for a few things. I am no linguist and really, what do we Earth people know about how things sound on a planet like Tanarull?

So I need some alternatives for words like fuck, shit, damn, you know the good ones. Use your imagination. Play drunk scrabble. I also need different words for queen, princess, and knight. Things like that.

Have a word you’ve always used that you think should be a word? Sound off in the comments! If I use your made up curse word or whatever you offer in the Book you will totally get credit for in the acknowledgments. True story.

Ready, set, help a writer out. Go!