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DCS considers herself a revolutionary, a spiritual activist, and a story-teller. Few things make her as happy as putting pen to paper, and creating new worlds to share with others. The science-fiction thriller author of critically acclaimed, The Synarchy Series. Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension, are the first in what will be an eight book series. Always full of creative ideas, DCS has created a text based, free form role-play game based off The Syanrchy Series. DCS is also a comic book writer. While doing an interview for InvestComics TV, DCS meet and befriended DarkBrain creator Andrew Zar. She completed the first arc for The Church of One Series. She has also written The Butcher Series, and contributed to the Pissy Pussy Sunday comic. Aside from being a story-teller, DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her and her co-host Julie "Plucky" Myers on The Plucky and WooWoo show 1PM EST every Sunday on the Public Service Network

Legacy: Star Wars The Old Republic Audio!

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You’ve been waiting and boom here it is. Well, the first five Chapters. Would love, love, love (see begging) to have your feedback before I begin recording the rest. Good or bad, feedback is good. But here they are, the first five chapters of my Star Wars The Old Republic fan fiction turned novel, Legacy.



Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

SWTOR: Shadow of Revan A Disappointment

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The opportunities that were lost in Star Wars The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan to bring back some of the things that made SWTOR a unique MMO gaming experience we’re overlooked, and that’s a damn shame.

There are some positive to take away from the Revan story. As a whole I can’t say I didn’t like it. But, not with the same vigor I absolutely had to gobble up the first 50 lvls on nearly all eight characters with the same kind of OCD Civilization fans will understand- “one… more… turn…”

Look, I’ll be honest. I am not your average MMO player. I played WoW for a total of 15 seconds because it’s boring as fuck to me to just run around and kill shit all to get better gear. But I devoted quite a lot of man hours and money to SWTOR, and not just because I’m a Star Wars geek. The story sucked me in. I have played through Marauder, Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Jedi Consular, and Imperial Agent story-lines. I loved them all. Some more than others, but yes, hands down, just great. The choices, the companions, the beautiful graphics, y u so awesome?

Synarchy Book 3: National Novel Writing Month Update #5

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Reminder these are unedited, raw, straight from my brain to the paper and complete with the notes I write to myself as I’m writing. They are out of order because I write in scenes, not necessarily chronologically all the time. Warnings out of the way. Enjoy! Feel free to guess, speculate, what have you with what’s going on, and where it might lead. I just might tell you if you’re right.


“If a timeline is significantly changed and not corrected within 33 days of that change, reality seems to bend to that truth and doesn’t allow it to return to the way it was no matter what you do after the fact.”
“How many times has that happened before?”
“On Earth? Twice.”
Simone rubbed her temples. She glanced back at Caleb, the snapped her eyes right back to Saraya. “What Gabriel did, is that why-“
“No. We changed that.”
“Because you’re going to need help.”
“And if I… correct the timeline?”
Saraya said nothing.
Emotion crashed into Simone as the reality of the choice Saraya was asking her to make sunk in. If she corrected the timeline, Caleb died. If she didn’t, he lived, but the world didn’t Ascend. Her jaw clenched. “Oh you sonofabitch.”
“I haven’t prevented it.”
“You can’t prevent a choice that’s already been made. You can only prolong it.”
“I’m on borrowed time regardless of what I do?”