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DCS considers herself a revolutionary, a spiritual activist, and a story-teller. Few things make her as happy as putting pen to paper, and creating new worlds to share with others. The science-fiction thriller author of critically acclaimed, The Synarchy Series. Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension, are the first in what will be an eight book series. Always full of creative ideas, DCS has created a text based, free form role-play game based off The Syanrchy Series. DCS is also a comic book writer. While doing an interview for InvestComics TV, DCS meet and befriended DarkBrain creator Andrew Zar. She completed the first arc for The Church of One Series. She has also written The Butcher Series, and contributed to the Pissy Pussy Sunday comic. Aside from being a story-teller, DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her and her co-host Julie "Plucky" Myers on The Plucky and WooWoo show 1PM EST every Sunday on the Public Service Network

New Cycles!

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I listened to Anne Ortelee’s excellent weekly weather report yesterday.  Suggest everybody else does to.  But that’s a side note.  I have peectures! So I share them.  May be all profound and shit for you to spark your creativity or deep thoughts or what have you. ;-)


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Lets Get Something Clear #GAMERGATE = No. Staph.

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I spent some time tonight researching and reading about GamerGate.  Afterwards I remembered the post I put up recently about video games and their dark nature.  In light of this Gamergate discussion let me make a few things clear.

I defend the right of fiction in any medium, books, video games, movies, TV etc to be dark and fucked up.  It’s that simple.  Fiction has a right to be whatever the author of that medium chooses it to be.  You as a consumer of that fiction then have the right to read it, play it, watch it, or not.  Easy.

I also defend the right for women to have equality in all things.  This is common sense guys, people should be equal, no matter what race, gender, color, species (hi aliens!) they are. Easy.

Without question, the video game industry (like a lot of others) can be sexist and misogynistic. This is plain as fucking day.  It is a good thing that a light is being shined on this.  It is a good thing, that people are getting fed up of seeing big breasted, scantly clad woman in every freaking game.  It is a good thing, that people want more women playing video games, involved in the industry, marketing them towards women, and making more strong female characters.  This is a good thing.

It does not mean, that from now on until the history of time ending that all video games have to get rid of the sex appeal a lot of male gamers like.  It doesn’t mean it’s going to go away forever.  What really blows my fucking mind about these arguments is that granting one, doesn’t negate the other.  There can be both.  That is key.  There’s nothing wrong with some video games that overly sexualize women.  Whatever.  Bring on some video games that overly sexualize men.  Whatever.  They’re video games.  The point is that right now the scales are grossly tipped in one direction, change is coming, and some of you are acting badly.

Stop it.

Stop the threats.  Stop not living from your heart center.  These are people.  Stop it. Stop clinging to this.  I understand change is scary.  I get that.  But listen to me.  You want your tits and ass while you swing your manly hammer around as a druid demo god of Yavin 4 bully for you. Awesome.  Have fun.  Video games are diverse, though. They don’t just cater to you.  Other people would like to enjoy other types of games.  And that’s okay.

Stop acting badly.  Live from your heart center.  Stop being afraid.  There is nothing to be afraid of.

Okay? Okay.  Good talk.


More Pictures!

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I bring thee, my readers, more pictures! They are deep, funny, spiritual and everything in between.  Enjoy! (No I’m going to get a pinterest account.  That’s just one more thing I gotta update.  Watta fuk).


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