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DCS considers herself a revolutionary, a spiritual activist, and a story-teller. Few things make her as happy as putting pen to paper, and creating new worlds to share with others. The science-fiction thriller author of critically acclaimed, The Synarchy Series. Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension, are the first in what will be an eight book series. Always full of creative ideas, DCS has created a text based, free form role-play game based off The Syanrchy Series. DCS is also a comic book writer. While doing an interview for InvestComics TV, DCS meet and befriended DarkBrain creator Andrew Zar. She completed the first arc for The Church of One Series. She has also written The Butcher Series, and contributed to the Pissy Pussy Sunday comic. Aside from being a story-teller, DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her and her co-host Julie "Plucky" Myers on The Plucky and WooWoo show 1PM EST every Sunday on the Public Service Network

Read a Book, Read a Book!

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This is gonna be short and sweet –


Whole new site redesign.  This will be the last one for a while folks.  The book store is fully operational. Free stuff and super cheap stuff and autographed stuff!

And of course, the blog which features great reviews, interviews and all manner of other things related to the indie publishing and book scene.

That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got for right now. Go check it out!

LOL, Wut?

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Yay it’s Wednesday! Okay it isn’t that exciting but it could be because I’ve got stuff for you to read!


For all my NaNoWriMo’s out there, Camp NaNoWriMo is write around the corner! (See what I did there?).  Head on over to their Website, get your room picked out and prepare for the glory of writing!

Amtrak, yes the train, is offering a residency for writers.  True story bruh.  You know you wanna.  I am frequent Amtrak traveler as I have a two year old godchild who lives in a different state that I just can’t see enough.  And really fuck airports, airplanes and all their nonsense.  Want to know the best thing about a train? GET ON.  GET OFF.  The end. If you’re a writer is a wonderfully cliche thing to be writing on a train.  So go fill out the app cuz why not. Amtrak Residency

World in perspective.  Take four minutes out of your day and watch First Ever Aerial Footage of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

A Year of Action

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What up my faithful blog readers. Holy cow. Wtf. Where did a year go? Where did it go? You know, I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished in 2013 as I wanted too. It was, well, just weird. But I do have some need to knows for you all, and some things to share so as I plan to make 2014 a year of intense action let’s get this party started.

I suck at blogging. I am not a regular blogger, I’m just not. It’s all fine and dandy to read all the how too’s and the “if you want to increase traffic to your website you really need to blog twice a week and you should be on twitter tweeting at a rate of xyz per minute and” blah blah blah. It aint happening. I’m too busy fighting with the voices to keep my focus, get the items on the do list squared away and learning just how to shape my reality so it works even more efficiently for me than it has. So that means I need to compensate a little.

I am actively looking for guest bloggers. It’s a free for all here at The Mind of DCS. I encourage and want all kinds of different articles. It doesn’t have to be original or exclusive, you could have put it up elsewhere or on your own blog and just want more exposure. We’ll do link backs, logo sharing all that fun stuff. See the contact button? Click that sumbitch.

I’m going to put a lot of energy into SVT Publishing this year. And a lot more energy into my book writing. That said, I am also looking for guest book reviewers over on SVT Pub. That is a lot more niche, I’m specifically looking for scifi book reviewers, but novels that fall in the genre of the DaVinic Code, I’d be happy to take too. I’m looking for books reviewed that are different and interesting and of course reviews on indies and self-published books are welcome and encouraged. Video and/or Audio reviews also encouraged. And same as the above, we’ll do link backs, logo sharing, all that fun stuff. See the contact button? Click that sumbitch.