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DCS considers herself a revolutionary, a spiritual activist, and a story-teller. Few things make her as happy as putting pen to paper, and creating new worlds to share with others. The science-fiction thriller author of critically acclaimed, The Synarchy Series. Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension, are the first in what will be an eight book series. Always full of creative ideas, DCS has created a text based, free form role-play game based off The Syanrchy Series. DCS is also a comic book writer. While doing an interview for InvestComics TV, DCS meet and befriended DarkBrain creator Andrew Zar. She completed the first arc for The Church of One Series. She has also written The Butcher Series, and contributed to the Pissy Pussy Sunday comic. Aside from being a story-teller, DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her and her co-host Julie "Plucky" Myers on Un/Conventional Wisdom Radio every Thursday evening at 7pm EST on the Public Service Network

Location, Location, Location

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We’re moving! Woohoo!

The offices of The Mind of DCS are full of boxes as we prepare to continue our journey in a new location. Closer to the beach. Yeah, I’m inching my way to that Island. It’s coming. True story.

Anyhow, there is a ton off stuff but I don’t have time to go through all of it. But, I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging, so! Here are a few quick articles I skimmed through this week. I’ll peek back in on Monday and we’ll go through the list a bit more thoroughly.

Have a most excellent weekend peeps!

First up! There is a pretty addition to the DCS Radio page.  It’s a donation button.  If you liked the show, would like to help speed up the shows return, and help maintain this awesome site.  Click eet. All donations of $20 or more, get a free copy of Book 3.  And you can either have the working rough draft (before the editor) or the polished, final edition.  They both come signed.

And now onto the awsum information!

Good Shit, Crazy Shit, Writing Shit

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Happy frelling, frakking,Friday peeps!

Oh yeah I’m back with another round of awsum stuff I read this week. I reads a lot. All over the place. Seriously my brain is crazy.  Onto to the good stuff.  I’ve got so much to share with you guys and so many tabs open right now I’m surprised Firefox hasn’t crashed.

First I need to give a crazy epic shout out to Star Wars Strategies. They did a piece on Legacy with a nice li’ll interview and I saw a great boost in Legacy downloads. I would love to hear your feedback peeps! Seriously good or bad, if you read it, write me a note or drop a comment on the Legacy page.

N-E-WAY here’s a link to the article –

Super cool shit that makes my brain explode with ideas up next!

First some cool science shit.  Now I don’t completely understand the article but I get the gist of it and I thought I’d share. This alien world shouldn’t even exist

And how’s about this; 5 Mind Blowing Things Science Still Can’t Explain

And in the same realm of sciency shit, here’s an article on a book that I probably won’t read but I thought the theory was interesting.

Video time! Seriously this is awesome.  Expect a few of these places to show up in Book 3. Earth’s 10 Most Mysterious Places

Speaking of Book 3 let’s talk about writing! Cuz you know, I luvs to write.

The Good, The Interesting, and The Writing

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Happy frelling, frakking,Friday peeps!

I have to say first, that I recently watched Farscape for the first time and OMFG I loved it. Loved it.  It ranks right up there with Fringe, and Battlestar Galactica as my favorites.  So much win.  I’m also super glad I never watched the series when it was on air because I would have lost my mind with how Season 4 ended before the Peacekeeper Wars came out.  Which was also fan-frelling-tastic.

N-e-way moving on…

So you know I hate blogging, but I love all my readers, and I do like to share.  If you want daily updates from the mind of DCS you should really be following me on facebook or twitter.  I’ll also be starting a pinterest account soon because I post a lot of pictures. If you prefer whenever DCS feels like posting you’re in luck because I just came up with a fantastic new idea.

All week I’ve been swimming in great articles, and pictures, and news, and just stuff I’ve wanted to share with everyone.  So, from now on (fingers crossed I can keep up with this consistency) I’m going to post a weekly round-up. Probably on Friday’s. Maybe on Monday’s.  Sometimes I might feel particularly motivated and do both.