Dear Writers of Castle… (part 2)

It took me a while to put this blog post up.  But after watching The Limey  for the third time to see if maybe I was being mean, or unreasonable, I’ve decided I am not and this needs to be written.

How dare you.  No, seriously.  I would not have this beef with you Castle writers if I didn’t know you were capable of moments of utter writing brilliance.   This is the most important part of the story you’ve been telling for the last four years and YOU’RE FRACKING IT UP.

Before I get into this, let it be said that the actors on Castle are completely, utterly awesome.  In this instance it is the actors that are carrying this story, and their chemistry, facial expressions, just them, is why I’m hanging on, begging for this ship to be fixed.  Seriously, Stana, Nathan, Jon, Seamus, Tamala, please, please, pleeeeeeeease come be a part of Synarchy? Puleeeeeeeeeease.

Now, writers… writers, writers, writers…  Could you have made Lanie anymore cliché? Really? Those are the lines you give Tamala Jones?  We finally get some long awaited girl talk between Lanie and Stana and that’s what you provide us?  This scene is a prime example of what I mean when I say the actors carried that scene because your dialogue did them no justice.  Okay let me be fair, there were a few funny lines.  But overall, it was a disappointment and could have been a thousand times better.

The second scene with Kate and Lanie would have been slightly better if it wasn’t overused. The whole theme of that speech we saw the last episode, we’ve seen every single effen time Castle and Beckett been in a life or death situation.  How many people are going to say the same thing to Beckett? And she still doesn’t get it?  Martha was right; then she never will be.  That is the picture you’ve painted writers, that’s what you’ve done.  It’s breaking my heart (which to be fair again is evidence of good storytelling) that I no longer want Castle and Beckett to be together.  You ruined it.

And I’m really pissed off, because you writers have done no justice to Beckett’s character.   You cannot give her these highs of utter insight, and then ignore them just to get another three episodes out of us.  No excuses, none.  The task was not impossible and I refuse to believe this team of storytellers could not have done this better.  But you aren’t, it’s spiraling rapidly out of control.   Now you might get another season, and sure, people might keep watching (I mean they’re still watching Bones after all even though you hear more bad things than good about that show) but because of this bullshit writing you’ve demoted Castle to a show people will say had some great moments but the writers killed it at the end.

Is that what you want Castle to be? Is that what you’re willing to settle for? The overall story is beautiful.  The way you are suddenly telling it is so fail it’s making my brain hurt.

If you can’t carry the moment don’t do it.  If we’ve got to have Castle and Beckett apart for another episode, if Beckett still needs time, if we’ve got to have another distraction then you don’t write the end scene like that, with that utter bullshit.  It’s fracking disgraceful.

Beckett:  Castle… can we talk?

Castle:  No, not now sorry I’ve got to go, Drusilla is waiting for me-

Beckett: Castle please I need to-

Castle: (snaps) You know what Beckett I don’t really care.

Beckett is shocked.  Castle realizes his outburst.  Regret leaks through the mask he tries desperately to cling too.  He can’t look at her.  He hesitates, and then turns to go.

Castle: (apologetically) I’ve got to…

Beckett just nods (insert brilliant Stana facial expression here) as Castle backs away.  Beckett sits down at the desk looking at her phone.  She calls Lanie.

Beckett:  I think you’re right.  I think I did wait too long. (Determined) Lanie… what do I do if I want to fix it?

Or… “What if I’m not ready to lose him…” or something that gives Beckett the credit she deserves.

That is heartbreaking.  That is acceptable.  That does not leave me hating Beckett, but even more so hating what the writers did to the character; hating the cheap moments thrown into a brilliant storyline for no good reason.  Not only does something like the above provide heart break but it gives hope, something the fan base is losing.  Something like the above, provides angst, and draws out the storyline without doing the characters injustice.  I found this user comment on one of the TV forums I read on occasion and it sums up what I, and many of the fan base are feeling brilliantly:

“Agreed with previous comments. The problem isn’t the story itself, but how unrepresentative the story is to the characters that we’ve grown to know.

The Kate Beckett we’ve known is a strong, confident woman. She has issues, but she’s not a coward or passive – which is what she’s become with this long dragged out story.

The Rick Castle we’ve known is a fun-loving man who doesn’t take himself too seriously, but is caring, mature (look at his parenting) and would call people out on BS. Where’s the Castle that told Beckett off for not calling him after being shot? Or who told that ghost writer in the oil episode that her methods were slimy?

The story doesn’t fit Castle and Beckett any more. Maybe it sounds arrogant to think that we know Castle and Beckett better than those who created them…but I just feel like the writers have lost sight of what we all loved about them in the first place.”

There were small pockets of awesome scattered throughout The Limey.  The scene where Beckett confronts Rick in the break room was amazing.   The way Stana delivered those lines: “no I guess you don’t” was perfectly double meaning subtle.  She nailed it.  That moment was the epitome of the fusion of an awesomely written line, brilliantly delivered.  But that’s it.  That’s wall we’ve gotten the last few episodes, random moments of awesome, scattered throughout the suck.  And that, is unacceptable.

Dear Writers of Castle, please fix this.  Because I’m deathly afraid that now you can’t.  That because of where you took us in the story, then decided to slam the brakes on, or ignore all together, you’ve taken something that was awesome and just… ruined it.  I will attempt to withhold final judgment until Castle returns for the final few episodes, but I sincerely hope that I continue to watch Castle for the beautiful, cleverly written love story it use to be, verusus an example of what not to do as I jump into TV writing.

The last thing you want is to look back on what Castle might have been and wonder, if only.

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