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Working in the film industry as a writer you learn very fast how 1.) everything changes.  2) nothing is solid.  I think I’ve written about ten different versions of the Synarchy Script since Aaron contacted me what, two almost three years ago now? Awesome we’re still going because the project means that much to us. Frustrating, we’re still going.

As much as I love the idea of the big screen though, my ego just twitches a bit that book sales will increase because of the movie.  I’d rather see the books go best seller first, and then stay there for this amazing record breaking length of time because of the movie/tv show. (What? I aim high. I’m gonna outsell JK. You’ll see)

But that is neither here nor there.  Here are two fun scans of my chicken scratch with my random notations I’ve been making in between brain farts as I write this script, AGAIN.

Warning Mild Spoilers.  Possibly.

DCS Writing NotesDCS Writing Notes

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