Exploring Astrology: A talk with Sharu

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(CLICK IMAGE TO LINK TO SHOW) Happy Solstice everyone!!! Here is my gift to you: A talk with Dj/Astrologer Sharu.  We converse under the stars about the Eclipses, the Venus transit, the differences between Vedic and Western Astrology, and the magic which exists in the conscious neo-tribal dance culture.  Hope you enjoy it. Love, sOma KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM WWW.HOLESTOHEAVENS.COM ps. If you know the artist of the podcast image, please let me know!!! ~*~

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I am a full time Astrologer. I spend most my hours wondering, processing, and working with others. But thats not all. I'm also am a Medical Qi gong Therapist. i like Qi. Qi likes me. Qi likes you too! Aside from the professional, I make music too. When I'm not doing any of all that, I'm probably down by the water, breathing....oOo