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Chicken Little  the sky is not falling, even though at times it can certainly feel like it.  This oil spill has inspired a multitude of feelings with me.  Deep sadness.  I’ve been absolutely furious.  I’ve been disgusted.  I’ve been so frustrated that I wanted to throw up my hands and just try to ignore it all.  But I can’t ignore it.  It’s like a splinter in my mind, and its demanding that I do something. 

I wanted to put this post up a few days ago but I waited.   I waited because I wanted to have a conversation with myself first, because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t coming at this through the fear and despair I was feeling.  I remember shouting at no one in particular at one point,  “How many more lives do we have destroy!”   I’ve cried my eyes out and apologized profusely to Mother Earth, our home for the things we do to her.

I’m not saying I still don’t have these feelings, because I do.  But I am saying that after a few days of reflection, and meditation I’m ready to share my thoughts about all this with you all, and despite it all I do have hope, and whole lot of determination.

It is so utterly apparent that there are some people whom we have put into positions of power that do not have our best interests at heart.  It is glaringly apparent that the old model of thinking no longer cuts it.  It is glaringly apparent that we are going to have to take our power back, and that we are going to have to usher in this change as we see fit.

We have a choice.   We can choose to use this event as an excuse to continue to ignore the problem, or throw up our hands in defeat, or claim that we have no control over the situation, to point the finger and blah, blah blah.

Or, we can choose to use situation as an example of to quote Barbara Marx Hubbard, “what is breaking through.”

I don’t understand why BP isn’t just as concerned about cleaning up the Oil that is being spilt as it is with trying to stop it. I am positive there exists on this planet a group of professionals whom they could outsource this task too. Furthermore, I fail to understand why dumping gallons of a equally harmful dispersant is the better solution than some of the others I’ve researched.  I’m going to share those links with you. 

To summarize, there is a contracting company in FL that has successful demonstrated to local government officials in that area that you can use Hay, that’s right, Hay to clean up the oil.  Its environmentally friendly.  It is amazingly effective.  And it cleans up like seaweed.  Using this solution not only makes sense, but it would provide some additional income to farmers across the US.  A true win/win scenario.

But if you don’t like Hay, you can also use Corn Cobs.  Another company, Recovery I Inc has 34,000 TONS of Corn Cobs just waiting.  That too, will soak up the oil, you can remove said oil from the cob, and then use it again.  Another win/win situation.

I also fail to see why, cleaning up the Oil spill has to be, “we can only do it this way..” type scenario. Why can’t we use a combination of Corn Cobs, Hay, and even Kevin Costner’s machines that will suck up water and separate the oil from it?  Sure, it’s a HUGE mess, and a logistical nightmare, but are do we seriously believe that there are no logistical experts on the planet that would be willing to take on this task?  If a solution to minimizing the damage being done is environmentally sound, effective, and can provide additional income to farmers don’t we owe it to ourselves, to our planet to try it?

We the people need to make the demand that they start trying these solutions immediately.  I’ve got Jindal’s number.  I’ve got Landrieu’s number.  I’ve got Vitter’s number.  I’ve even got my House of Representatives phone numbers.  Better believe I’m going to start using them. 

And beyond this oil spill, we the people need to also take this disaster as a wakeup call to stop fucking with our home,  realize the inter-connectedness that we cannot escape from, and use this as an opportunity to demand that the energy market be free, not the illusion of.  We don’t need to rely so much on oil.  I read an article about four kids who made a car that effectively runs on soy bean oil.  We’ve all heard about Hydrogen cars, electric cars, etc.  We all know about renewable energy.  The science exists, and there are options that can make these alternatives economically viable. It’s time we demanded that they be given their fair shot. 

If we don’t do it, who will?



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  • Dr Claude Windenberg

    Hello DCS:

    I just found you while googling "oil spill corn cobs". I like this post very much, because it expresses similar thoughts to mine. I support the idea of using alternative eco-friendly oil spill cleanup solutions like the ones you mentioned and any other ones, and to apply as many of these as possible starting right now.

    Obviously some solutions will be more cost-effective and easier to apply than others, some will create more jobs than others for Louisiana and Gulf Coast people who may have lost their livelihood due to this crisis; but why not provide people with ways to chip in according to their expertise and belief; they'll be more passionate about participating.

    Personally, I decided to focus on spreading the news about Adria Brown's Golden Retriever oil spill clean up method using corn cobs because Adria is a friend of mine, her method is patented, and I believe she can make it happen. Plus her solution makes a lot of sense to an engineer and physicist's mind like mine.

    I am also using this gulf oil spill opportunity to inspire myself (and everyone out there who comes across my posts and comments) to look even deeper inside myself (themselves) and find the real source of all the messes I (and all of us) experience in life.

    After years of studying quantum physics and using various introspection methods, I have come to the conclusion that the biggest problem is my (our) addiction to feeling bad about various experiences in life (e.g. angry, sad, fearful and most of all powerless–the main characteristic of victims)

    31 years ago, I started this introspection using technologies of consciousness introduced to the west by Indian monk Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (such as Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhis program). In the late 90's, I started attending Landmark Education's transformational seminars (such as the Landmark Curriculum for Living and the Communications Curriculum). And now my main tool is one I created to fit my desire, which is to create PERMANENT freedom from any unwanted condition in my life.

    Over the past 11 years, I have developed, used and facilitated for others a process I call the Unconditional Freedom Process. (check out the bottom of webpage and listen to the May 27th 2010 interview on radio show “Truly Sustainable Sarasota” on WSLR, and find out what I had to say about unconditional freedom from powerlessness in relation to the oil spill disaster)

    Anyway I am glad I stumbled upon your site today, and I look forward to exploring the mind of DCS.

    Dr Claude Windenberger