Monday Night Roundup!

The Mind of DCS offices have officially landed in Port Orange. Of course my office was the first thing I setup. The book shelves were second. Can’t complain about my office view either.


All right lots of fantastic stuff happening around da web n’ shyte so let’s just get right too it!

Spiritual Stuff

Discovering Your Energy Codes – don’t laugh. It’s good shyte.  Plus this completely free online seminar is sponsored by the Shift Network and they are the bomb diggity.  True story.  I’ll be listening in myself.

Openhand Foundation is an aboustely beautiful site.  There is a new video up and I highly recommend you give it a watch, if only so you don’t forget that you still need to stand up and do some shyte.  What shyte, is completely up to you.

Humanity’s Team is one of the best organizations for change out there.  I rank them right up there with Survival International and Amnesty International.  They’ve got a great free series going on, Living In Oneness 5 Pillars for Success. It’s on it’s last week, but check it out yo!

Writing Stuff

Marketing for Writers! It’s like the most evil phrase ever.  Because really, what author wants to market? But we have too, so, I’ve found that IttyBiz is awsum and practical and pretty funny.  So check dem out.

Did you NaNoWriMo had a Summer Camp? Basically a write your novel in July thingie? Challenge Accepted.  What’s up writers, you ready to go?

And here is an awesome list of 50 sites for Indie and Self-Published Authors


The Intelligent Optimist is pretty kick ass site if you’re looking for some good news.  I recently found a video on their site, a free course really with an amazing Entrepreneur who teaches how to create a business without money or experience. True story.  Check it out.

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She has published two science fiction novels and has been working on a third for way too fucking long. The first two books are: Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension.

Aside from being a story-teller, DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her and her co-host Julie "Plucky" Myers on their radio show WomenInHoddies every Sunday @ 12pm on the Public Service Network.
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