Occupy Wall Street = Lazy. No concept of hard work. Get a job.

Now that I have your attention…

I’m writing this blog post in tears, because I just watched a few OWS protestors, sitting on the ground, surrounded by police linking arms. And then I watched the police roughly grab one man, who continues to do nothing but link arms. And then the cop starts wildly punching the guy to try to get him to stop linking arms. The protestor never swings back. He never gets aggressive. He takes it, and does nothing but try to hold onto his friend.

Wow. Wow.

This is what comes when you act through fear instead of love. This is what happens when you leave your heart center, the place that knows what’s right and what’s wrong. This is why we occupy; because the image below, no longer belongs in this world.

Activist Pepper Sprayed

84 Yr Old Activist Pepper Sprayed

I know I’ve fooled you with the title. You probably came here hoping to read about how OWS is just fuckin retarded. But, I’m asking you to stick with me the length of this post because I’m a person that grew up with a mother who is the epitome of doing what you need to do to take care of your family. I grew up with this amazing work ethic inspired by my mother’s strength. I grew up being taught to ask important questions, to think for myself, to blaze a trail instead of fitting in, to speak truth. I’m not lazy, though I certainly can be. I’m a small business owner, busting my ass to make it work. I grew up with a parent who doesn’t always agree with me, but has always encouraged me to speak when I needed too, but to speak intelligently. My mother will ask hard questions about my views to make sure their founded in fact, not fancy.

So, let’s get real.

Let me ask a question for all you parents out there – do you truly believe we have a fair and just system of government that is not influenced at all by corporate money? If you truly believe that, stop reading. Nothing I say will convince you. Until you start paying attention to that twitch you know is there, it doesn’t matter what facts I present you with – you will not hear them.

For those of you who do not believe we have a fair and just system, let’s continue. Have you not taught your children that if they see something wrong they should fix it? If you spill milk clean it up. If you open it, close it. Always do your best. Stand in integrity. Speak your truth. Did you teach your children these things?

Why then do you not support your children when they are taking your lessons to the highest goal they possibly can? Why so compliant, why so willing to accept this is just the way it is? Why not try to change it? Why not try to make a fair system, a true democracy? Why not give your support? Especially when there are things in place we could replace this with? We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we just have to start doing what’s right. Why is that met with such cold condescending?

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about OWS because every now and then you’ll talk to some stoned out, (insert your favorite stereotype here) that’s using the movement as an excuse not to fix their life. Look, this movement is huge. I make no excuses for anyone. Yes, within the occupy movement there are lazy people who just don’t want to get a job, that believe they are owed something. But that’s not the heart of the movement, and it isn’t inspired by laziness. The heart of the movement wants change.

No, there is no list of demands. We’re not making demands. We are leading change. My step-father said to me once in discussion about this movement that we can’t change anything because we don’t have the authority too. That, in my opinion is a gross miss understanding of what democracy truly is, and we’ve got it in spades in this country. I am the people. I am the informed electorate that is critical for a true democracy. I absolutely 100% do have the authority to make changes. It is my responsibility that when something is flawed, to seek that change. To offer solutions. And there are so many solutions, which is what drives me absolutely friggin insane about people who don’t support the movement.

Timebanks. Resource Based Economy. Local General Assemblies that solve community problems. Sharing. Cooperatives. Benefit Corps. Renewable Energy. Peace.

OWS If Not Now When?

If there are a million ways to do things better, why don’t we embrace them? We fight to keep the bullshit. Why. WHY?

A family member of mine put up this post on their facebook wall. It makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Here’s the picture.

My response to that? Missing the point, missing the point, missing the point!

Point: Corporations influence politics. If you have enough money, you can buy an election. That means policies that affect EVERYONE are decided by the rich. That is not democracy.

I could go through a whole blog, hell I could write a book detailing the problems with the system but I’m not going to because the entire point of this movement besides change is SELF SUSTAINABILITY. That means it is your job and responsibility as a world citizen to know the reality of what is going on. (Hey parents, you know how you use to make us get up and get you the remote? How about you start asking your young occupy wall streeter to give you the 411 if you’re too tired to get it yourself? No judgment, I swear. Just saying).

Point: We wage war for profit. We kill people for profit. We hurt nature for profit. It is corrupt and not always fair and you know it. You know it. And now that people are trying to change it, really change it, how dare you call them lazy or whiners?


I completely understand that some people need a ten point outline telling them how to live their life. You’re not wrong if you want that. You’re not wrong if you want fancy cars, and golf on Sundays, and board room meetings, and to wear expensive suits, and fine dining and whatever other luxury. That’s fine. I’m not judging you. I’m asking you not judge those who want change. I’m asking you not to judge people that fight against the company who made that suit you’re wearing because they made it hurting someone else. I’m asking you not to judge the people that fight against the gasoline company that powers your car because they’re rapping the environment and they don’t care who they hurt. I’m asking you not to judge the people that want the kind of change that will allow you and (keyword) everyone else to live life in a fair, just system that supports everyone, not just the ones with heavy bank accounts.

The Occupation has no beef with any millionaire who has earned their fortune through honest hard work and intelligence. Booyah for you! Yay! No seriously, yay! Please share your example with the rest of those hard working young students that want to do the same.

The Occupation is trying to change things so everyone can have their cake and eat it too. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that suit you just bought was made through sustainable means? That neither person nor planet was harmed during its production? That it’s backed by heart and integrity? Wouldn’t you like to vote, knowing that it counts, and that the man or woman standing in front of you isn’t influenced by a big corporation that gave the most money to its campaign but by truth, with your best interest at heart?

You might be tired. You might have other concerns and don’t want to participate. Fine. We’ve got this, trust us. But instead of bashing the change makers why not support their effort for change? Guide them if you feel tactics need to be changed, or another point of view is required. Scold those lazy ones you see that are not about change, but about using this as an excuse not to take control of their lives.

That is what we want. What we are moving towards. The faith, trust, and LOVE in ourselves and each other to correct the ship. We want the foot off our necks so we can live the dream. We wish to no longer be controlled by a very few who don’t care. This will not stop, and that fear you feel is not needed. In the world the occupation is trying to rebuild, there is room for the 1% and the 99%.

Can you say that about the current system?

Thought so.

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