Once Upon a Time – “7:15 AM” – True Love Conquers All. Get it together people.

I will admit, that in between my various creative pursuits I enjoying visiting the message boards of the few TV shows that I enjoy.  One of those TV shows is Once Upon A Time.  It’s rare that I’ll post on those boards, or dedicate a blog post to a TV show. However, when I see sheer madness going on (and I just want to have a little fun) I’ve got to throw my voice out there.

If you have not yet watched the show, WTF MATE?! Do eeet. It’s wonderful. Truly. It’s well written, and awesomely acted. I love them all and want them all to come act for me as I make my book into a TV show/movie short. But that’s another post entirely.

Please be warned, major spoiler alert below. If you haven’t watched yet, please to stop reading.



To all those adoring fans that have a problem with Mary Margaret/Snow White and David/Prince Charming hooking up – you’re stupid. No really, you’re stupid. And I say this in a fun, bantering with a friend way, but I kind of want to run around and stamp all of you with my WTF stamp.

Here’s why.

It’s not adultery. It’s not. Not the wisest decision on their parts, but not because of Kathryn/Abigail. What you’re all missing is that the beautiful thing about David and Mary Margaret is the message that true love can transcend the evils Queens curse.  That despite the fact they don’t remember who they really are, there is an undeniable and uncontainable pull between them that they cannot explain, and are helpless to fight against.

That’s fucking beautiful ya’ll, not cause to think less of them. That’s all the more reason to think more of them.  Sure, it’s easy to relate to Kathryn. She’s like your typical wife, trying to work through some issues with her husband. Oh wait, except he’s not her husband, she’s not his wife and her real personality is a fawking annoying, whinny, spoiled brat. Sure, I like Kathryn more than Abigail, but I don’t feel bad that real true love has David/Prince Charming off to be with the one he’s suppose to be with.

Now, why we might ask, does David continue to say yeah lets work it out, yeah let’s do this, if he doesn’t really love her? I suspect that has everything to do with the curse.  Why did Mary Margaret throw down the blanket once she smelled it and got that whiff of memory? Don’t ask questions (like the Huntsman did), your obligated to stay with your wife (like David’s been programmed). In fact the only thing we’ve seen break through the curse are genuine heart felt emotions. Take Dr. Hopper for example. He doesn’t remember his past, but he does remember his essence, who he is, and that knowing comes from your heart. It is the same with David and Mary Margaret.

Do I want David to leave Kathryn, fuck yeah. Do I feel sorry for her? Meh, kinda not really, Sorry sister. But I think David might not be able to leave her, because of the curse, which will probably cause some angst between him and Mary Margaret down the road.  I also suspect that the way Snow White forgot Prince Charming entirely may come to haunt as, as the Evil Queen aka Stupid Angry Bitch plots to destroy Mary Margaret and David’s hook up.

But, in the meantime, I love the sneak peeks. I want to see more true love conquerors all, especially from Mary and David because it’s the Queens beef with Snow White that’s gotten them all there in the first place. I want them to get freaky as hell, video tape it, and then send it to the Evil Queen with a big fat note that says – “Schew you and your curse beotch. Haha. Love Snow and Charming. PS True love conquerors all.”

That’s the message behind Mary and David. Hell even Rumpelstiltskin said it; Love is the most powerful magic. That’s the point behind episode 10. And it was a beautiful thing to see.

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