“Our Expanding Universe” (June 11th-17th)

a Kosmic Weather report:



…..Feeling nostalgic, Mercury pulls out the photo album.  Jupiter, existing on another wave length, is having gambling thoughts about updating his technology.  Symbiotically, they work together, fusing a multidimensional alliance of memories and future forms.  They discover the sacred quality of technology without ignoring its profanity.  This is a time of “en-ligtenment”……..


::: This weeks MoOns :::





(Moon in Pisces most the day, into Aries in the eve)


“I can’t get that dream out of my head!”


Today, we meet the day with the MoOn in the last degrees of Pisces–the end of the Zodiac.  This Lunation is also in its final days.  Having started with the Total Solar Eclipse in the Pleaides and now waning perfect, remembering with sepia toned memories of these recent magical days.  Jupiter moves into Gemini today.  This is a big deal.  Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to Gemini, where he “the Guru,” gets reigns on our Collective Imagination.  Setting gentle dynamite to all of our stagnant dendrites and thought/feeling passage ways, I think Jupiter is literally going to “blow our minds.”  It may be a challenge today to actually get up on this wave though.  The Moon squares the Sun (Last Quarter) making it apparent what cord we need to detach from, so that we can make it to the end alive.  Luna also makes an opposition to Mars today, making us feel frustrated and potentially pissed. Maybe its because we will feel frustrated with all of the information coming at us.  Or perhaps, it is coming from the speed at which life seems to be happening to us? Remember: Time is like playdo.





(Moon in Aries)


Just before sunrise, if you are lucky, you will be able to have the first glimpse of Venus.  Today is the birth of Venus.  At 11 degrees Gemini, 11 degrees away from the Sun, she appears. Having been journeying the Underworld’s  for the past weeks, the Goddess is now ready to “talk story.”  Day after day she will become more visible in the Morning sky (Aug 16th is when she will be at her brightest).   The feeling: insatiably curious.  About new ideas, new ways of creating, and new ways of relating. Something happened to her (to us) when she passed the Sun on the 5th.  We are blooming.

Somewhere out there, around her early morning gaze, the Moon is passing Uranus, feeling into the T-square with Pluto and Mercury.  A T-square is created when a planet (‘s) squares an opposition of two other planets.  Pluto is opposing Mercury, Uranus is squaring them. The “tip” of the T-square (Uranus) represents the release valve, or the resolution.  How does Uranus in Aries cure the potential mind control of the Pluto-Mercury opposition? By watching Thrive, listening to Terence Mckenna, and quitting your shitty job (if you have one).




art by Andriod Jones



(Moon in Aries)




It’s hard to match the days we just experienced.  It’s like following an epic musician in a song circle.  “Mmmmmmm, no thanks.  I’m good. (shoe gaze)”  With Jupiter now comfy for a year in Gemini, stretching consciousness bit by byte, Venus rising with the Sun, tossing fresh ideas all over the tent, we finally have a “normal” day. Thanks Saturn!  The Lord of Karma will aspect both of the Luminaries today.  Saturn “the old Zen master” steps into our skin, creating a serene balance in all of our actions throughout the day (Sun trine Saturn).  Then, Saturn “the Miserly complainer,” also enters our skin, making us clearly aware of our blocks (Moon opp Saturn).  All planets are shapeshifters.  And since we humans are made up of these Archetypes, so are we.  With all the Mutable energies in the sky right now (Gem, Virgo, Sag, Pisces) its important to know your Ground state! Saturn “the mountain” visits us while sitting on that rock.  We remember the power of zazen. The Lotus.





(Moon moves into Taurus early morning)


Sometimes, it’s just too damn hard to articulate.  Sometimes, it’s not meant to be said, it’s meant to be sung. This is whyy Xav embodies the day (I think you will understand…..)



(Bow down)








(Moon in Taurus)


Remember how I recommended a mediation during the “Spirit hours”(3-5 am) a few weeks back? Well, the same applies to this morning (4am).  It will be a potent time for a ritual of letting go (Moon trine Pluto).  Another way to go into it could be  ceremony.  Instead of socializing the modern, Ameurican way Thursday eve, maybe sipping mushroom tea with a blind fold is a better strategy.  Just a suggestion.  Then, throughout the day, Luna harmonizes (sextiles) with both Chiron and Mercury  allowing for us to literally walk our talk and see how our thoughts are like chalk.  The blackboard awaits.





(Moon in Taurus)


The mOon moves through the Pleiades today.  The weeping Sister’s cry river’s of golden water shining Truth into everyone’s heart.  Today is a day of reckoning.  Completion.  Love.  And discovery.  As the Moon passes 3 beautiful Goddesses (Lilith, Ceres, Vesta) in late Taurus, she also opposes Juno.  Like a feather from the glowing sky, a contract falls in front of us.  It’s blank.  Surrounded by the Sacred Feminine we are supported in our decisions.  What will we write on this paper.  A story with a Beloved? A story of artistic pursuits? A story of a Gold rush? What is your story, your journey with the Divine Feminine?  What is it you really want out of life? Mid afternoon, it is my prediction tears will flow (Venus squares Chiron).  The Sister’s step into our skin and help us open our infinite Heart. The Seven sister’s morph into “the Great Mother’s” and help us realize we were never alone. We are never alone.  We are pure Love. How is that alone?




(Moon in Gemini)












art by Andriod Jones
If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
~William Blake

In the homestretch, having passed over the Solar Eclipse degree (00 Gemini), triggering a strong memory of that day, the MOon joins the Gemini party (Jupiter, South Nodes, then Venus/Sun).  Perceptual mutation continues.  Everyday, something new.  Everyday, we learn something new (or Old?).  The pace at which novelty is increasing is “impossible.”  Fractal’s swirl out of all forms we focus on.  Good ideas are rivaled by good ideas.  We must always be cultivating discernment though.  Only then will we see pure with our new eyes.


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