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Say What?

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So, let’s talk about some interesting shit. Mebbe a month ago I read a really fascinating article over on reality sandwich, a great freaking site if you didn’t already know.

The article was excerpted from a book called Revolution 2012 by Dieter Broers. I know, I know more 2012 talk, but it’s all the rave you see and beyond that, this book deals with something very very interesting and that’s electromagnetics, 2012 and our brain. Stick with me.

Let me swing it to you like this, Broer begins by saying: “I am convinced that we are currently in the midst of a process involving the restructuring of neuronal networks, and that the catalyst of this process is the high solar-geomagnetic activity.”

Say what?

Let’s simplify, sort of. Broers was part of a research team that studied how specific electromagnetic fields acted on our brains. They found that our brain waves could be altered by exposure to these electromagnetic waves and that they could even control our brain waves with certain fields. Scary.

Furthermore Broer went on to discover that geomagnetic disturbances also affect us, in some cases the way taking a hallucinogenic drug does. This means, that under certain conditions, say a geomagnetic disturbance, our brain can produce illegal substances. Yeah, you don’t have to smoke the shroom to get a trip, under the right conditions your brain can produce the chemical needed to do it for you.

Trippy yo.

Paranormal 101 Round Table Spotlight – Barbara DeLong

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If there ever was teacher you could learn from, Barbara DeLong is it. She resonates most with the title Spiritual Empath but we can attach all kinds of adjectives to her and they would fit; Psychic, medium, channel, spiritual counselor, and spiritual intuit.

Barbara has spent forty years in the Spiritual field, she has done radio, TV, and published her own deck of tarot cards, The Comsic Deck Of Initiation. She hosts her own radio show every Monday night on BTR Night-Light. After giving you the spiritual weather for the planet, listeners can call in and get Barbara’s insight into their lives, and don’t be surprised when she hits the nail right on the head. She also co-hosts on Matrix Radio every Friday evening with Patrick Cooke.

I’m terribly excited to have Barbara on Paranormal 101 Saturday March 27th, for what is geared up to be a phenomenal two hour discussion with topics such as 2012, Crop Circles and UFO’s, Astrology, Metaphysics, Co-Creation, Civil Disobedience. Its sure to be a show you don’t want to miss!