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“Wow, that really is a Smartphone” – A Castle Review

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Welcome back Kate Beckett, welcome back.

Castle Season 4 Finale "Always"I’ve been extremely critical of the Castle TV series as of late.  “Always” is the reason for it. Let me explain.  There is exceptional storytelling in Castle. I’ve always said that.  In the season 4 finale, Castle writers and show creators Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller made a believer out of me again in their ability to properly tell it.

If you haven’t watched the season finale yet stop reading this and go do it.  Go, right now.

My critiques of the Castle episodes of “47 Seconds”, “The Limey”, and portions of “Headhunters”, were that they were in essence sloppy.  They were stalling the climax we got in “Always” in a completely unrealistic manner and did no justice the awesomeness that is Kate Beckett. I will not withdraw those critiques.  In fact I’m going to take those three episodes and put them in the same box I put Aliens 4, throw that bitch in the ocean and let it sink.

Dear Writers of Castle… (part 3)

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“Headhunters” has reminded me that Castle is enjoyable these days more for Castle and the supporting cast, rather than Caskett.  Once upon a time, I was a huge shipper.  Now, not so much.

If the goal of Castle was to tell a story of two people whose love might have been, had personal issues not wedged an immovable wall between them, it would have worked slightly better.  A story about how the ties of friendship and family can be just as strong as the ties of romantic love would have worked too.

If the goal of Castle was to tell an epic love story with the leads together at the end it has failed.

However, aside from my severe disappointment over the Caskett love story (I’m in mourning for it) I really did enjoy “Headhunters”.

What’s a cool word for rambling?

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So, let me spin it like this.  It’s 5:39 am.  I sat down at my computer at noon and decided it would be a day of uninterrupted, non procrastinating work.  I am happy to report that I am still going.  I’m quite proud, there was only very, minor goofing off, and the only break I took was for dinner and Castle.

Speaking of which, let me digress.  Dear Castle, if Beckett and Castle don’t hook up soon I’m going to stop watching.  And I actually might.  I do not own a TV.  I do have a few select shows that capture my attention and Castle is one of them.  Now look I understand angst.  I understand drawing things out.  But seriously folks.  This payoff better be huge, HUGE I say.

Back on point.  I’m trying all sorts of new things.  Well, not all sorts just a few.  Namely updating this blog more frequently.  It’s not that I don’t think about posting.  I must write a million blog posts in my head every time I’m wandering about the internet reading all manner of crazy things.  My ideas are big though, and those posts require some researching and in depth content writing, etc, etc.  So, being the Queen of procrastination (as only we writers can be) they never get written because I just don’t have the time (I’m way too busy either destroying the Jedi and romancing my companion, or saving the republic from the evil sith plots. Yes, I am talking about Star Wars The Old Republic.  It’s AMAZING).  I’ve run ashore again.  The point of this paragraph is that you’re going to get more of these posts, more in my hand utter ramblings.  I’m an scifi author, I’m interesting.  At least everything going on in my mind is.  And there is the events on planet earth and 2012 and… yeah we’re not talking about all that right now.

Let’s talk about updates since I’m being all super productive.

Doesn’t our facelift look great?  Right now I’m digging the digital representation of The Mind of DCS.  I want the background image to be this chaotic collage of stuff, but that will come once I’ve guilted my brother into assisting me with it (he’s the artist in the family you see).

Book 3 is coming! I promise it’s coming.  But I’m going to release this novel the right way with lots of fanfare and a marketing plan and everything.  But I’ve got my mojo going which is awesome (it likes going on random vacations, the creative side anyway) and the flurry of ideas that has once more taken over my mind can be stressful. Tentative release date is late April, early May.  Probably early May.

If you’re dying for sneak peeks, you could just follow along as I write the book.  Head on over to my workspace on SVT Pub.

When I launch the book I intend to launch the text based RPG at the same time.  Yes it’s still there! I love it, my Terenzio crew loves it.  It’s fun, it’s go so much creative potential and I am positive role-players still exist.  Come out, come out wherever you are…

I’ve laid a lot of strong foundations for things, time to start building eco friendly tree houses on them (weren’t expecting that one, were you?).  I did a lot of that today.

The Synarchy movie! Might be a TV Show.  Maybe still a movie.  I’d rather the TV show to be honest.  I think Synarchy would make a bitchin series and I wouldn’t be ripping out brain cells trying to make everything fit in some cohesive way for a script. Regardless we are 99.9% shooting one or the other in April.  Woopie!

And now for sheer ramblings…

Do you like comics?  Do you DarkBrain? If not you should. It’s sexy, the stories are badass, and I write for them.  That is a trifecta of awesome.  Hook it up.

I can’t believe Whitney Houston died…

Fringe is awesome. Last episode was amazing.  Seriously, that is how you tell a love story.  Granted the whole Fauxolivia of seasons past drove me nuts but I can forgive.

Once Upon A Time is one of the most wonderful things on TV.  It completely delights my inner child.  The evil queen is a fawking beotch.

Battlestar Galactic is one of my favorite and I think the best written, acted, directed pieces of moving picture that I have ever seen.  The entire series was brilliant and the way it ended was sheer perfection.  I would like to personally meet every writer on that show and absorb their juju.  If my shit isn’t as good (or better yet, better) I will be fracking pissed.

“Wha’d yah hear Starbuck?”

“Nothing but the rain.”

I’m just so, I don’t know, understanding of the awesome I guess you could say, when I can read, and hear, and then watch two sentences be brought to life like it was in the show.  It was something so simple between two characters that you’d almost miss it, repeated at key moments, and then when it’s used again at the end of the series I cried like a fracking baby.

I need to get all this work done so I can take a Battlestar Galactica weekend and watch it all again.

I am reading (okay its the current bathroom book) The Exegesis of Phillip K. Dick.  So far, it’s pretty interesting.  I’m digging it.  He was a deep, crazy dude.

I miss my goddaughter like a crazy person.  She’s so cute, and tiny, and snuggly, and a absolutely perfect addition to the next wave of Lightworkers. I will be making a trip to Pittsburgh next month!

I desperately want to attend Full Sail University for a degree in Entertainment Business.  Calling all extremely wealthy people with nothing better to do with their money then support a highly creative, ambitious, awesomely spiritual young writer? Anybody?

Hmm… maybe next blog post.