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A Fan Letter I had to Share…

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I woke up this morning to a truly awesome fan letter from a woman whose read both the Synarchy novels. Her response is the epitome of why I write.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to have all my bills paid and the ability to use the world as my playground like a curiosity stricken five year old without having to worry about money like everybody else, but really responses like this are so much better than the almighty dollar.

And to the woman who wrote this: no no, thank you! The next time I’m having one of those “why am I doing this again” kinda bad days I’ll remember  this email.

And if this doesn’t convenience you book readers to take a chance on the novels I don’t know what will 😀

He recently let me borrow his copies of Synarchy 1 & 2 and all I can say is….wow.  Thank you SO MUCH for writing these novels.  I swear we must share some of the same pieces of star dust because every word you wrote resonated on so many different levels of my being.  It’s like you took all the ideas, facts, and theories that have been violently swirling around my (and I’m sure many other’s) head and channeled them nto a wealth of information; gift wrapped in a flawlessly written, spine tingling fiction!  I absolutely love how you touch on Monarch Programming, yet keep Kayla’s humanity so tangible.  The mix between the characters motives and their interior emotions that drive them hang in perfect balance. I won’t even begin to go on about how incredibly and beautifully written the story between Simone and Caleb is!  Haha anyway.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your books, and how much they helped re-spark my inspiration.  It’s also very encouraging, because from the looks of it, it seems you do all your publishing and marketing on your own.  The fact that no big corporations have touched these beautiful pieces of work is what made these books all the more powerful and personal to me.

I know how much research, time, and energy went into the development of these
stories. Again…thank you for writing them!  I wish you well in your studies and
(im)patiently await the next installment.  =)

To get copies of the novels visit SVT Publishing