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DCS – The Next Great American Author?

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August 2010 New Orleans, LASynarchy Book 1: The Awakening, a self-published gem that has largely flew under the radar, might not stay that way for long. When first released in 2008 it landed a finalist position in The Best Book Awards. Since then it has racked up numerous five star reviews, with one radio show host calling author DCS, “the next JK Rowling.”

The first novel in what DCS says will be a six part series, Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening is a complex thrill ride, hailed by critics as, “The Godfather meets Stargate.” It is a page turner, and a novel that crosses into multiple genres masterfully,  As an added perk, fans of the book also have the option of interacting with characters from the Synarchy universe through a text-based roleplay game called Synarchy 2012.

Popular book reviewer, A Journey of Books, has said of author DCS, “There’s just something about the way that DCS writes that allows the eyes to flow over the page, lifting the story into the air. The descriptions and especially display of emotions were so vivid that one could really see the story.”

Now, Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening, stands poised on the brink of even greater success by being named a finalist in The Great American Author competition, hosted by the popular author community The prize is the kind of exposure few authors ever see; their book featured in a television commercial.

“I’m so excited about the possibilities,” says author DCS. “My goal with Synarchy wasn’t just to entertain but to spread a message. Synarchy is a great blend of fact and fiction.”

For any author, let alone a self-published one, it’s difficult to carve the way through the thousands of titles that are published every month. DCS is counting on fans to take the time to vote, and then spread the word.

To view details on the contest, visit It’s free to register and to vote. Voting closes September 1st. As an added incentive, DCS is offering PDF copies of her second novel, Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension to anyone who votes for Book One. Visit her website for more details. Book 2: The Ascension has recently received a four star review and been called, “a truly fascinating, captivating novel.”

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DCS lives in New Orleans, LA with her dog, a Siberian husky named Angel. After spending time in the corporate world in records management, she then realized that the telling of well researched stories was her first, true love. She is currently attending the American Institute of Holistic Theology to earn a degree in Metaphysical Spirituality. She has two published books, Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension.  Four more novels are scheduled for release, with Synarchy Book 3: SVT and Synarchy Book 4: The Black Widow due out sometime in 2011.

DCS is also a radio show host. You can hear her live Saturday evenings at 7 pm CST on Blogtalkradio’s In The Mind of DCS

Jason Martell pops into Paranormal 101

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Saturday nights on Paranormal 101 are filled with all sorts of conversations. Humanity’s Team talked about the importance of Spiritual Activism and their push for a Oneness Day Petition. Christopher Penczak provided fascinating information on ancient spiritual traditions that are being revived today. More recently Jason Martell visited the 101 to talk about the Sumerian’s and the Anunnaki.

Jason Martell is the creator of a very popular site among UFO enthusiasts, fans of Zecharia Sitchin and anyone else with a curiosity into the realms of these paranormal subjects.

“It was great to have Jason on the show. There are a lot of correlations between his research, and some of the subjects I touch upon in Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening, such as the Anunnaki, the scientific evidence that points to the potential of a planet X, even the Igigi, the Anunnaki’s messengers, you’ll find in my book,” said Paranormal 101’s show host and science fiction thriller author, DCS.

Sumer was the earliest known civilization in the world and invented writing, the wheel, and mathematics. Even more impressive were their astronomical observations.. When researchers have further investigated how it was possible that the Sumerians came upon their knowledge, the Sumerian’s clearly state that they were taught by their Gods, beings that came from another planet called Nibirui.

For some of us, that’s difficult to swallow. But the climate around UFO’s and the possibility of alien intervention into ancient civilizations is not loosing ground, but gaining momentum. The Internet has provided a means for the information to circulate more widely, and more and more scientists and researchers are making their voices heard regarding these fantastical topics. Researchers like Martell and DCS have both provided different means for newcomers, intermediates and experts alike to find a place where they can get solid information.

“Dis-information on these subjects is a common problem,” says DCS. “But there are sites like, like Paranormal 101, even within my fiction novel Synarchy, where people can find ways to begin their own research into the topics. The past is an important part of our future, you realize just how important when you find the correlations between Sumerian texts and things like the biblical story of the flood.”

To listen to the archived episode of Jason Martell’s visit to Paranormal 101 go to To find out more about DCS’s novel, Syanrchy Book 1: The Awakening check out her latest video found on her blog site, or jump right over to Amazon or to get your own copy.

Ready for Real Hope and Change?

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I’m going to venture a guess that the blinders are coming off. The illusion and the reality are starting to expose themselves and you probably aren’t very pleased with it. Here’s the good news. Hope? We’ve still got it. Change? Oh, it’s coming. But maybe now you realize that the change has to be real change, not the same old solutions colored under a different party. I know you think my ideas are a little flowery. That they can’t possibly have real world implications. Positive thinking isn’t going to stop wars, or people from attacking us, or pay your bills, or….yeah I get it, I promise.

So let’s talk about what we have to do to make this feasible. What do we need for real hope and change? We’ll start with politics. We need a leader, no, we need a partner, someone we trust to abide by a very important document. We need someone who will actually work for us. You may say such a person doesn’t exist. Or you may think its Sarah Palin, or Mick Romney, or Barrack Obama. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong. I’m here to tell you I don’t think you have all the information needed to make your decision. The hope and change you were expecting started with a Revolution, one that is still going. A massive grassroots movement, inspired by the people, for the people and put together of the people to support a candidate that really did have our best interests at heart. I’m talking about Ron Paul. Crazy? No chance? Another conservative republican? No, no, and yes, in a sense.

I think you are ready to see the realities now. To dig a little under the surface, because the surface is all fucked up. We’ll start very basic. Your congressional leaders cannot possibly have your best interests at heart if you don’t pay the fee to keep them in office. If you were running for government and Exxon Mobile offered you x number of dollars towards sponsoring your campaign, Exxon is going to want something in return. You’ve basically just been paid to protect their interests, not the people whose votes you’re trying to win. If your government, who has the ability to print its own money, for some reason chooses not to, and instead lend themselves out to a private bank, then your government is no longer working for you. Your government now has a responsibility to that debtor, and that debtor can extract payment in any number of ways.