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What’s Good?!

Allo faithful blog readers. Revolutions all over the world, time speeding up, getting paid for writing, the awesomeness of the this year just can’t be fully expressed in words. And I’m wordsmith. And it’s only just begun. Are you excited? I’m excited. First, I’d like to sincerely apologize for The Mind of DCS radio being MIA this weekend. I was on a movie set, and my co-host and I were trying to get someone else to produce the show for us, but that’s I what I get for waiting until the last minute and long story short we just didn’t
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An Authors Musings…

I'm over it, but I don’t think my itch for a real adventure will ever go away. I'll simply have to bid my time. Until then, you can count on me to continue to blast out more fantastical stuff about the world of Synarchy and beyond.
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New Podcast Episodes!

Its been a busy tuesday! And since it’s Tuesday that means its time for more podcasts! They’re up, the conclusion to chapter 2 of Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and another episode from Marcello’s perspective for The Synarchy Series. Head on over to and have a listen!
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