Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening

“So, recap, aliens, mafia, enlightened masters, politics, love affairs, Mayan prophecies. Seriously? Seriously! All written into possibly the best Sci Fi story I have ever read.” –Wanda Hartzenberg Goodreads Reviewer


An excerpt from The Awakening

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting. And cometh from afar.”- William Wordsworth

The Fifth Planet…
The Second Time…
6,000 Years Ago…

The stress of knowing what was to come weighed on him, even in his dreams. At least he was not alone. The change in frequencies had warned them, but only a few remembered to listen. Messengers from God, from the true Source, had come and were labeled outsiders. Some were killed. The planet had become a manifestation of the darkest fears of its men and women.

Menes bolted upright. Sweat highlighted the tension from his temples down across his heavy jaw. His violent heartbeat added a menacing soundtrack to the images of his dream as they invaded his conscious state. Dragging his hands over his damp face, Menes shut his eyes to search out the 2D frequency that would return his energy level to balance and lower the spike in his blood pressure.

When the last bit of tension was exhaled, he reopened his eyes, glancing at the sleeping woman next to him. Relieved she hadn’t woken, he carefully uncoiled from the silk bedding and padded over soft carpeted floors into the bathroom.

He moved easily without the aid superficial light. The flecks of gold in the walls around him shimmered as if conducted by his steps. He raised his hand to pass over a cerulean crystal embedded in the marble, causing a tranquil glow to fill the room. When he stepped up to the sink, crisp cold water fell as if it anticipated his need. Cupping both hands under the steady flow, he splashed his face several times before meeting his image in the mirror. Sighing, he dropped his gaze towards the faucet. The water stopped. He hated being unable to convince more of his people. It left him frustrated, even though he tried to accept it for what it was. The tick of universal time brought the inevitable truth; his nightmare was a premonition of the future.

Menes carried that thought as he returned to the woman who still slept. When his eyes touched her, his aura pulsed with a dim gray light; sadness. She would leave physically, returning to spirit until she chose whether or not to come back to human form, or perhaps another. Unfortunately, the scar of this event would be burned into her DNA, becoming a fear she must face in another lifetime should she revisit this dimension.

Menes slipped back beneath the sheets and drew her against him. For just an instant, he slipped through his door in her shields, like a scared child taking solace in the willing, unconscious reassurance she gave him. The steady rhythm of her breath lured him back to sleep.

When next he woke it was to the sound of terrified screams, and the deafening rumble of the earth splintering around him. The end was here.