Venus grows dim: Phase 2

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you”
Stephen King


…An old woman walks in dusk through the buzzing city streets. She sees beautiful youthful versions of herself and reflects. On a bench, she looks West, watching Venus sparkle, noticing how she is dimmer than the night before. She thinks, “Something is being completed.”…











Journey towards gestation


As of May 15th, Venus has been retrograde. Meaning, she has begun her 16 day descent from the Evening sky, as the brightest “star” in the sky, and is heading towards the Sun, completing her cycle which began back in October of 2010. You can think of this phase of the Venus cycle as a full phase, a completion, much like a full moOn. Traveling back in time to fall of 10’, you will be able to get a clear idea of what the beginning of the Venus cycle was all about for you. (see my previous posts: Venus towards the Sun; Venus rx).

This current Venus cycle is imprinted by the Archetype of Scorpio. The reason for this is because she passed the Sun around Halloween 10’ in the tropical sign of Scorpio. When Venus passes in between the Earth and Sun, it represents the beginning of her journey. This is best understood visually. For example, Venus is now retrograde, falling from the early evening sky, getting dimmer day by day, and soon she will disappear. This happens because she is traveling in close proximity to the Sun. This represents a kind of gestation phase. This will happen at the end of the month (May 31st). During this “gestation” she will also transit the Sun on June 5th, yet, still be absent from both the evening and morning skys. It is not until mid June, when she reappears. This time, as a Morning Star. The Birth of Venus. The Return of Quetzalcoatl?


How she makes you feel?


Sad? Lonely? Afraid? It’s never easy to let go. But it always comes back to a simple phrase, “If you love something, give it away.” Whether it is a person, a pet, an addiction, whatever, it is ready to go. Now. Because this current Venus cycle relates to the Archetype of Scorpio, it relates directly to Death and Decay and the potential for Transformation. Whatever began to die in the Fall of 10’, is now dead; and whatever was born then, now shows its true face. We must be detached to both. The hardest part of dealing with Scorpio is facing all the fears. “I don’t wanna be alone!” “I can’t be alone.” “I’m afraid to change, to let go.” ….and the best, “I know its right, but I can’t.” Heres the catch: Unless we actively participate in the transformation of “______” in our lives, the planets/gods/archetypes will do it for us regardless. And trust me, from experience, it much easier to drink yage, attempt the transformation with your own will, than to have greater celestial energies make it happen for you.


We are in the window of Completion. Get clear about what it is you are releasing and mutating into. See the perfection of the pain you have been through in this cycle for the past 584 days (a Venus cycle). Find out where in your chart this is happening: what house, what aspects, etc….It’s important to know because it can help you contextualize your experience. There is also something quite magical about having the knowledge of your experiences perfection and timing. It’s one of the greatest gifts of Astrology! Kosmognosis = “kosmo”-relating to celestial phenomena; “gnosis”–true wisdom.



Gestation begins


The first day Venus disappears from the night sky is also the first day of her gestation. May 31st is this day. Shortly after, her new cycle begins. This one in Gemini. But she is still not visible until mid-June (the 14th? don’t quote me on this, its foggy). She will then rise before the Sun, every morning for around 260 days. Venus as a Morning star. The rise of the Gemini Goddess. Curious, fueled with a desire for novel experiences, hungry for new ideas and connections, liberated, she will change the world as we know it. Lay your old ideas aside, time is mutating, space too, and the new ideas coming at us faster than the speed of light.



…standing from her bench, the old woman smiles, remembering an old love. She thinks, “How hard it was to let him go, but how necessary it turned out to be.” She has never been a Lover without Love. She’s alone, but never alone. Sometimes those birds are just too bright. The ones that cannot be caged. There is always something waiting. You just need to let go. Ka wills it…..
* For me, at the beginning of this Venus in Scorpio cycle, this song saved me. May it be of assistance to you too….~(~…..:::::



::::: If you want context for this cycle in your own life, where it is, what to do with it, you can contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM and we can set something up:::::






Art by Autumn Skye


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