WTF Saints fans, Rush Limbaugh, and The Hunger Games Trilogy

Anne Orteele warned in her astrology forecast this week that it would be a week when we realize that people are who they are, and they’re not going to change.  That we may say things that end up slamming doors that will never be reopened.

Please be advised, this post may make you feel that way about me.  And if it does, I have no problem with you slamming the door on me and never looking back.  I hope you have a wonderful future full of love and happiness. Namaste to you.

Here’s something you need to know about me.  Especially since my awakening several years ago I simply must stand in integrity.  I must walk my talk.  And I am finding that I grow increasing intolerant for people in my energy circle who cannot do the same.  This is not a judgment.  You have a right to be who you are, where ever you are on your journey.  I simply have no space for people who cannot do the same in my energy field.  It is why I no longer speak to a young man who was once a dear friend, why it makes it very hard sometimes for me to spend time with others.  Now that you know that, onto the rant.

Let’s start with New Orleans Saints Fans.

I love New Orleans.  Truly.  Anyone who knows me can tell you this.  I moved around a lot as a child and Nawlins is a place I truly consider home. I love foozball.  I’m not a Saints fan, I am a Carolina Panthers fan. I lived in Charlotte when the team was formed and have been a dire hard fan ever since.  They are my team.  I supported them when they went 1-15, almost won the superbowl and every moment since.  I also pride myself on my ability to remain objective in situations of contraversey, such as the one facing the Saints now.  So, lets get one thing straight.

I’m not angry about the bounty on Cam Newton.  That’s not fueling this.  I’m not bitter they bent us over and ass rapped us our last game.  My friends will tell you that I am an excellent looser.  I know my team is headed for great things.  Some Sundays you give it, some Sundays you take it.  That’s just the way it goes.

One should not have any illusions about football, it is a violent sport.  Carolina plays hard football. I’ve watched our D hand out some hard hits, watched my receivers take some hard hits like they’re frackin Spartans whereas I would have curled up in the fetal position and cried liked a little girl.

But there are limits.  What I am angry over is the ridiculous outrage of Saints fans over their team’s bounty program. Really Saints fans? REALLY?

Let’s sidestep all the talk about how Goodell isn’t really concerned about players safety.  About how the Patriots didn’t get such a harsh punishment when they were caught cheating, or even about how in 2007 the Greenbay Packers were under a similar investigation (though from what I read completely different in the sense that they were not paid to injury players) and talk about the Saints crime.

  1. The Saints defensive team operated a pay-for-performance/bounty program, primarily funded by players, during the 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons. Under that program, players regularly made cash “donations” to a pool, and were “fined” for mental errors, loafing, penalties, and the like. At least one assistant coach (defensive coordinator Gregg Williams) also occasionally contributed to the pool. There is no evidence that any club money was contributed to the program.

I have no problem with this part being revealed. I don’t. Yeah it’s against the rules but my friends and I have often thought if you don’t do you freaking job you shouldn’t get paid.  So yeah, penalties, errors, whatever take their money away. I got no beef with that.

If you make a 100 yard TD or fairly sack Aaron Rodgers or do something else awesome and your coach wants to slip you an extra grand and give you a gold star whatever.

It’s the following two points that make me furious –

  1. Payments were made for plays such as interceptions or fumble recoveries. All such payments are against league rules. Payments also were made for plays on which opposing players were injured. In addition, specific players were sometimes targeted. The investigation showed bounties being placed on four quarterbacks of opposing teams – Brett Favre, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, and Kurt Warner. Multiple sources have confirmed that several players pledged funds toward bounties on specific opposing players, with defensive captain Jonathan Vilma offering $10,000 to any player who knocked Brett Favre out of the NFC Championship Game in 2010.
  2. In each of the 2009-2011 seasons, the Saints were one of the top five teams in the league in roughing the passer penalties. In 2009 and 2011, the Saints were also in the top five teams in unnecessary roughness penalties; in 2010, the Saints ranked sixth in the category. In the January 16, 2010 divisional playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals, Saints defensive players were assessed $15,000 in fines for fouls committed against opposing players. The following week, in the NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings, Saints defensive players were assessed $30,000 in fines for four separate illegal hits, several of which were directed against quarterback Brett Favre.

Wow.   I realize that the Saints are only 5th on that list.  If the other four teams had the same program, and they get caught I hope Goodell ass rapes them too because it’s unacceptable.

This investigation started in 2009.  Your team was warned then to stop, but your arrogant coaches thought they were above it all because you were the dream team, or didn’t care or, whatever.  They had an opportunity to do the right thing and they blew it.  Now you fans are acting like kids caught in a lie.  “It doesn’t matter I’ve lied because I shouldn’t be grounded for so long.”


Look, I use to have nothing but respect for the Saints talent as football players.  Sure I’m a hater, like any fan of the opposing team and I hope you go 0-16 next season, but seriously Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks to have come along.  Sean Payton knows what’s up when it comes to coaching football.   This is why I’m so angry; your team didn’t need to do this.  There was no reason to do this.  You had plenty of talent to get past the O-line to make the sack, or intercept the ball, or cause the fumble, and even if you didn’t have it on defense, Brees will pick apart an opposing team like they were putt putt golfers instead of football players.  But someone please explain o me how the fuck you can justify purposefully trying to kill someone else’s career and for what? FOR WHAT????

I understand that the Saints rose to power at a time the world had abandoned a city to chaos.  I left a day before Katrina hit.  I know the effect it had, I felt it personally.  I know how the world feels about New Orleans sometimes and I will defend the city to the death and have.  I know it’s hard when a hero is proven to be a monster.  When someone you had respect for turns out to be a liar.  But I am sick to fracking death of the inability to take responsibility for ones actions.

As fans why aren’t you outraged that a beautiful story of one team beating the odds, and killin it every Sunday was a bunch of dirty rotten liars who had the heartless audacity to target other phenomenal players just to get an edge.  Once there was honorable battle, now it’s a bunch of thugs.  Not right is not right.  And you know this isn’t right.  I understand the fear of not wanting to go back to being the team that sucked but right now, it’s worse.  It’s so much worse.  Before you had shit talking power. Haters gonna hate, but it didn’t matter because on Sunday you won, period.  Now, even if you do win it’ll be tainted because your defense was dirty.

Yes, maybe the penalty was harsh, but I certainly don’t think so.  Maybe Goodell’s intentions are as about as benign as the Capitol’s in the Hunger Games. Maybe the NFL has it out for the Saints.

None of that matters because you did it.  You’re not being punished for some imaginary crime, your team did it.  And they got busted.  How about you start putting your anger where it’s rightly deserved?

Please read below, Chris Kluwe sums it up nicely.

Chris Kluwe going off: “To everyone who thinks the source was a “snitch” and a bad person – fuck you. Fuck you and your glorification of criminality. Fuck you and your degradation of ethics and morality. Fuck you and your short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrisy. Fuck you and your idiocy. Try doing the right thing for once and standing up for what’s important in life – the proper treatment of your fellow man.”

But you want to know what also really burns my ass hairs? Ima tell you.  In fact Saints fans I’m going to do what you seem unable:

Fuck you Sean Payton & Greg Williams, you stupid assholes, for ruining my football shit talking with my friends and good wholesome fun competition with your idiocy.  Now I can only take small amounts of pleasure in wins Carolina get against the Saints because they’ve lost their Commander.  How dare you take that away from me.  Douche bags.

Now, let’s talk about Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh says shit that to me is downright retarded.  I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with a word that comes out of his mouth; this is why I don’t listen to him.  It’s no secret he’s been doing it forever, that’s Rush.  But now because he’s called some woman a slut for asking for contraceptives, (and because this whole election is dredging up the same fight America has been having with itself for years while they allow their president and future forerunners to take away lives in other countries) all of a sudden we want him off the air.

Whatever happened to, if you don’t like the nonsense Limbaugh says to maybe change the radio station?  You are not forced to listen to him.  It’s not a law.  Don’t like his idiot name calling, don’t listen.  It’s that easy.  But no, we simply can’t stomach that.  He’s gotta go! He’s evil! He’s a threat to national security!

We’ll just trample on anybodies rights so long as we’re the right ones, won’t we?

I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Dear benevolent aliens, please beam me up.  Some days I’m so, so, so tired of the stupidity on planet Earth.

Moving on…

Let’s talk about the Hunger games.  First, it is that trilogy of books that has me in this dark, pondering mood and that speaks to an excellent novel.  It’s just effen awesome that when we close the pages we’re still stewing in the emotions the words have dredged up for us.

The Hunger Games – Awesome.  Collins is a fantastic action writer.  I love how raw and real Katniss is.  I love Gale’s anger, Peeta’s goodness, it was simply an excellent novel.

Catching Fire – Not as awesome.  I thought having to return to the Hunger Games mildly unimaginative.  However, the story Collins weaves for the reason of their return worked, and the Quarter Quell was fucked up as usual.

Mockingjay – Not so much.  It boggles my mind why writers have such difficulty with the climaxes of stories.  I felt like Collins did a lot of rushing, a lot of telling instead of showing in the 3rd book.  I skimmed a lot more, where in the other two books I enjoyed delving into the mind of Katniss.

Now, don’t get wrong I love emotional angst.  I did not expect The Hunger Games to have a happy ending.  But ending I got left me completely emotionally unsatisfied.  I think my biggest problem with the novel was that this special elite force, filled with characters I’ve gotten attached to, did absolutely nothing but die.  I felt like she did a complete disservice to Katniss the way she ended it.  She didn’t have to kill Snow.  In fact I like how she lost it after her sister, how she killed Coin, how Snow choked on his own blood while laughing and died.

But the lead up to that to me was weak.  Why have a special elite force if the rebels are going to do all the heavy lifting anyway?  Why couldn’t Katniss have taken aim at snow with her bow, see her sister, hesitate at that crucial moment and then boom – bye Prim.  That would have packed more of a punch for me.  I also feel like Collins completely glossed over the love story that really was the reason I read the next two books.  What happened to Peeta was awesome, his struggle was awesome, how Katniss dealt or didn’t deal awesome.  But what I really wanted to see was how they found each other again after all this fucked up shit and we barely got it.  It left me wanting and angry I didn’t get it.

Aside from that, what I thought Collins did do brilliant in Mockingjay was shove in our faces the reality of war.  That is a lesson I truly wish everyone who reads this book would take to heart.

“Think you can handle it?  The day you look in the mirror and realize the evil that you’ll do?” –Stefano Vasco Terenzio.

I mean that is the question of the novels.  It’s easy for me to talk of my Zen state of forgiveness and understanding and how those who do those effed up things are so broken we must see if we can help them.  But that Zen definitely tones down quite a bit if I think of anyone hurting my family.  Brother, sister, godchild, best friend, the darker side of the Scorpio crawls out, ready to go Hannibal lector on the person dumb enough o hurt those I love.  And while I can be evil master killer in my head, I truly, truly hope I am NEVER put in a situation where I have to choose whether or not to take a life. I sincerely hope if I am in that situation I will err on the side of a blown out kneecap versus a blown open head.

And yet, every day I live in a country that allows its president to beat the war drums for a reason we cannot be sure is the truth, to a people we do not know who could easily have been the districts or the capitols people, caught in the crossfire.

I suppose what I’m truly sick to death of, is the lack of heart based living.  The lack of love and respect for our fellow human beings and the planet that provides life.  And I am truly sick to death of us arguing the same shit every four years.  Reproductive rights are something we can argue at the local level.  Why don’t we challenge our presidential candidates to truly represent we the people, to speak only truth, and to kick them the fuck out the minute they think about sending our army to another country for a war we know in our hearts is wrong, to kill our brothers and sisters of planet earth.

It’s not hard to right this ship.  That drives me crazy too.  You don’t have to join any organization, give up your car, your house or change your political party.  You simply to have to start thinking with your HEART.  From a place of love, not fear.  That’s it.  That’s all you have to do.  To recognize as The Hunger Game so brilliantly points out, “when we give our leaders power to hurt others, it hurts us.”

The most poignant scene in Mockingjay for me was when Collins was describing how the refuges in the Capital are mowed down by the Rebels. Perhaps they were ignorant.  Perhaps they were “bad” people for what they allowed the Capitol to do to the districts.  But does anyone really deserve that?  To drop bombs on children to lure out an enemy? Are we as Americans so delusion to think that our army doesn’t do that in other countries to their people?  How fucking outraged would we be if Iran had military bases surrounding our country?  And how, when we know we live in a world where news organizations admit they don’t have to tell us the truth can we rely on them to inform us about what’s really going on, overseas?

Ugh.  Some days I sit in stillness and I know we the people of planet earth will fix this thing.  Other days I’m not so sure.  Still, as much as I am ready to start planet hopping, never give up, never surrender.  Especially when as Henry from Once Upon A Time so brilliantly stated – “this can’t be all there is.” He’s right.  Time we did better.

So kids, think with your heart, take responsibility for your actions, and beware you do not become the very thing you’re fighting against.

Oh, and when you’re done reading the Hunger Games, read Synarchy.  First book’s free!

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